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Cockroach Management Services:

Cockroach Management Services It is the highly effective, safe and the most modern technology for cockroach control available today in India. The IDEAL PEST SOLUTION expert uses a new generation Fipronil0.005%sc based Gel. It is the new generation highly active, broad- spectrum insecticide. It controls target insects with a single feeding.

It is effective in the control of roaches because these insects serve as carriers of the a.i. to harborages. It works through both ingestion and contact knocking down roaches that eat or simply touch the bait. One contaminated roach kills others where they live or breed. The active ingredient is also transferred to other members when they cannibalize dying cockroaches resulting in the death of further cockroaches. This effect is called cascade effect. The Domino Effect achieves colony elimination, but with faster visible results. Once they are applied, they will last at least 2-3 month or until the bait is consumed or destroyed. The application will be directed to the harborages and in the area where water is not used on regular basis for cleaning and in the dark and dry area. It is not volatile, therefore there are not airborne active ingredients (a.i.) released. This reduces chemical exposure to applicators, customers and the environment in general. This gel is affective against cockroaches only. For red ants control and black ants control a liquid odorless chemical is spread as a spot spray. The advantages of intelligible treatment are:

*It is not necessary to empty out the kitchen.

*Since the treatment is odorless, it is not necessary to vacate the premises.

*The treatment can be carried out at any time of the day.

*It is totally hassle free and safe for the occupants

Termites Management Service

Termites can literally eat you out of houses and home. To avoid risk of damage due to termites, it is essential to protect your building from termite infestation & stop termite before they destroy your most valuable asset. To protect your valuable asset from termite we at “Ideal Pest Solution “ introducing new generation, odorless, non repellent termiticide apply an effective services.


If you have noticed wood that sounds hollow, mud tubes on exterior walls, any cracked or bubbling paint or frass termite droppings then these are strong indicators that there is termite infestations. Termite infestation is difficult to detect as they work from inside to outside. Termites actually live hundreds of feet below the ground and form huge colonies.

Ridding a home or a commercial building of termites requires special skills. At Chem-Pest during inspection we pin point specific termite attack zones where termites have entered or are likely to enter.

Treatment of Wall and Floor Junctions
Holes at suitable distance are drilled and termiticide solution is injected under pressure to create barriers against termites. Top floors if infested are given the same treatment. The holes on suitably sealed subsequently.

Treatment of Wooden Fixtures
Holes are drilled at the base of wooden fixtures such as winds frames, door frames and termiticide solution is injected. An oil-based termiticide is sprayed on all the wood work infested by the termites. Preventive treatment is carried out on other fixtures which are not infested.

Treatment of Termite Tubes
Termite tubes which are visible will be sprayed and removed and infested area will be treated with termiticide.

Treatment Surrounding Foundation
Holes are drilled as close as possible to the plinth wall and termiticide is then injected so that it reaches the soil to eliminate the termites present there. Soil Surrounding the building will also be treated.

Services Guarantee :- Anti –Termite Treatment backed up with the three year Guarantee. During of the course of guarantee Period if any infestation occurs same shell be treated by us on free of cost basis .

Chemical used: Imidacloprid 30.5%sc. And chloropriphos


The Advanced Rodent Management treatment provides a total and effective control of rats & mice. RODEX treatment uses registered products and is designed keeping human safety in mind. The rodents have become one of the most important urban pests.The new age RODEX Service is based on type of rodent species, extent of infestation & its spread.There is no single or one answer for rodent control. However, it’s a combination of baiting, trapping & proofing methods (you have to do the proofing against rodent entry as per our recommendation). We will use Hit baits (Bromadialone 0.005); it is a single dose anticoagulant rodenticide. The baits will be placed at strategic locations in specially prepared bait stations with lock and key arrangements wherever required.

Flies Management Services :

INSPECTION - The inspection will be concentrated on the possible breeding sites like For Houseflies - Garbage, manure (horses, cattle, poultry, pet), and filth accumulations Face flies - Fresh cattle manure for egg laying. Flesh flies, like blowflies - In pet manure, meat scraps in garbage, and dead animals. Blowflies - In manure, dead birds, and dead rodents in wall voids and chimneys Observe sanitation in the areas where flies are problems. The most common means of fly entry is through open doors. Look for door props and hooks, as well as gaps where room handles are stuck over hinges to hold the door open or for doors that do not fit Evaluate garbage management. Garbage left in the building or on loading docks is an attractant.

Mosquito management services:

Mosquito adults are small, flying insects pose major threat to mankind due to their active participation in transmitting vector borne diseases. Mosquitoes occur in a variety of habitats ranging from deserts, below sea level to high mountain meadows. There are several species that readily attack/ bite people results in itching, swelling, restlessness, loss of sleep moreover they prevent the enjoyment of many outdoor areas.

Adulticidal treatment: (Indoor residual spray)

On occasions in mosquito abatement program chemicals are required to be applied to kill adult mosquitoes. This is achieved by applying residual pesticides frequently inside the houses so that the resting mosquitoes are controlled.The residual insecticidal spray application will be done using Deltamethrin flow, in all the dark places where adult mosquitoes rest, underneath of tables and places like toilets / bathrooms and etc. To have better results it is advised to take up following step- Proofing measures: Adult mosquito population can be brought under control by proofing the establishments by screening / window netting of all entry points especially all windows. Keep the doors/ windows closed at dusk and dawn. This will help in keeping the adult population out of your premises.

Lizard management service :

The Advanced Lizard Management treatment provides an effective control of Lizard. The lizards have become one of the most important urban pests. There is no single or one answer for Lizard control. However, it's a combination of baiting, trapping & proofing methods (you have to do the proofing against Lizard entry as per our recommendation).Lizards are common pests in buildings that are surrounded by vegetarian or are close to areas of dense and shaded plants. There are several different types that naturally occur around houses and other buildings, they may be a pest according to the season or geographic region. Lizards are pests simply by their presence indoors; they do not live or infest indoor areas, but come in from surrounding vegetation. These animals may contaminate products.

Mode of treatment:

Lizards are active primarily during daylight. They move indoors during the early evening or early morning in search of insects that are attracted to lights at night. Lizards feed primarily on insects and spiders; they especially prefer ants. They are solitary animals, but they may occur in large numbers where there is abundant vegetation and moist conditions.These animals can easily walk on smooth surfaces, such as walls and ceiling. Their only protection is a tall that breaks off and their speedy retreat when they are startled. The treatment aims at use of spray targeted towards the live Lizard and is confined to non-production areas. For production area, use of physical control can be undertaken. However, emphasis needs to be given on preventive methods implemented by your staff. This treatment will be carried out at certain specific times of the day/night, which depends upon the behavior of lizards.

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